Week 3 Term 3

Hi guys,

Welcome back to week 3 and what a wet and chilly start we are having! I foolishly planted some veggies in the garden over the weekend, being the novice gardener I am, and didn't check the upcoming weather forecast and didn't see the deluge of rain we are about to receive this week. Here's hoping the sun comes out a little to give them a tiny bit of hope.

I just want to inform you, that as of Week 5 Alison will be replacing Mrs Murphy in Year 3 while she is on leave for the rest of term 3. I will be working full-time in Year 6, up until the end of Term 3.

Here are some reminders for the week ahead:

Just a reminder that your letter for your child is due at the end of this week. These will be given out on the Retreat Day where your child will take time to reflect on and respond to these. Further details about what to include in the letter are in Week 1's blog post.

All students will be …

Week 2 Merit Award Winner

Good afternoon,

Thank you to everyone who attended last nights' Confirmation Workshop. It was so lovely to see you able to share in some special one on one time with your child. The smiles and giggles that you shared among yourselves was priceless. to more pressing matters. This week we celebrate the wonderful TOBY DELANE, who received our Merit Award this week.

He was an absolute stand out at camp, showing many of our school values. Congratulations Toby!

Click here to see Toby receive his award!
Enjoy the rest of the week everyone.

Mrs Ricciardone

Week 2 Term 3

Good afternoon parents, that's how to start a term! Camp did not disappoint, we were left shattered but boy we had fun. And when I didn't think it was possible for this class to get any closer, we managed to strengthened the bonds we had already formed and pushed ourselves outside our paradigm, challenging ourselves and ignoring those negative thoughts that often take over.

All students have been shown the link on OneNote to access the photos taken by the teachers at camp. Please ask them to show you, so you can peruse the images taken.

I am sorry there is no learning update in this blog...we have began our new units, however there are some important messages that need to get to you I promise next week a full update on our learning.


Tomorrow night (Tuesday 28th July) we will be holding our Confirmation Workshop in the hall at 5.30pm. If your child is receiving their Confirmation, you and your chi…

Term 3 Week 1: We Are On!

Good afternoon,

I hope this blog finds you all well, rested and ready for an incredibly busy term ahead.

I trust that you have all seen the recent Camp email with a few reminders for tomorrow morning. I know the kids are excited and tragically so am I! I don't think I will sleep tonight. I have been having flash backs of old camps in the past, when I was jumping off skinny poles 15 metres high and hoping that age hasn't made me a chicken! My next job is to pack but I have never been the lightest of packers, so don't laugh when you see a larger suitcase tomorrow(many layers will be required to stay warm!). Please email if you have any further questions, as I will be on my emails most of today.

In the coming weeks, the blog will be full of Confirmation updates as we are currently set to celebrate our Confirmation at the end of week 4. As part of the preparation we will be having a Confirmation Retreat Day, where the students will reflect on themselves an…

What a day!!

Good evening,

I want to congratulate all the students who ran today, it was a great effort by all. So many people commented on how well the Yr 6's ran and the positive attitude they brought to this event.

Well done to Oliver, Jasper, Axton and Ed on receiving a ribbon and representing the boys well. Congrats to Ruby, Taylah, Savannah, Zali and Annabelle who finished the top 4 in the girl's event.

MERIT AWARD: Next I want to congratulate COOPER DE CHIERA on receiving a Merit Award. Such an incredible role-model amongst his peers, who is always looking out for others, trying his best and achieving many great things! Watch him receive his Merit below.

STAR CITIZEN: Lastly I want to celebrate our Star Citizen for this week...and it couldn't have gone to a more deserving person. This young lady has the best attitude of gratitude. She is so appreciative for what she has in her life and what she receives. I know that she is highly respected amongst her peers because of her kind and…

Week 10 Term 2

Good morning parents,

We have a made it, the final week and boy are we all happy that the holidays are almost here. Thank you for the support, kindness and generosity you have shown throughout the term. I am so proud of the close knit family here in 6R, I feel very lucky to be apart of this little community. Ok...that's probably enough now...

Planning for next term has already begun, here are some important dates for you to add to your diaries:

1. Parent & Child Confirmation Workshop - 28th July @ 5.30pm
2. Sacrament of Confirmation - Saturday 15th August
3. OLC Open Night (Learning Journey) - Wednesday 26th August @ 5.30pm
4. Sports Faction Carnival - Thursday 27th August
5. Pupil Free Day (Catholic Day) - Monday 31st August

We are well under way with the planning of camp.

As you are aware, we will be leaving for camp on Monday 20th of July at 9am and returning Wednesday 22nd of July between 3.15-3.30pm. There will be an email sent out in the second week of the…

Week 9 Merit Award

Good afternoon all,

Believe it or's Wednesday again and we have celebrated our new Merit Award winner.

Today's young man is a quiet achiever who is such a great role model for his peers to emulate. He is caring, kind and compassionate, always giving easy task a red hot go!

This super star is Ollie Darlington!

Click here to watch Ollie receive his Merit Award...

Enjoy the rest of the week!

Mrs Ricciardone & Mrs Martin